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Premarital Counseling & Counselor Near Me

Are you engaged and are now having doubts? 


Are you searching for premarital counseling to ensure that you and your partner have a strong relationship that can lead to a stable marriage?


If you are searching ‘counselor near me’ in the Albuquerque, NM area, because you are in need of premarital counseling to help strengthen weaknesses that could possibly hinder a successful marriage, come to Albuquerque Never Too Late Counseling.


Areas we specialize in:

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Couples Therapy

  • Individual Counseling 

  • Grief Counseling 

  • Career Counseling 

  • Family Counseling 



Diana Denson, LPCC, at Albuquerque Never Too Late Counseling has been counseling in Albuquerque for the past 30 years and has worked with many people who have found what they needed to shift their old thinking and feeling patterns and change the direction of their lives.


She knows that no one approach works for every person. So, she approaches each case in a creative, innovative and eclectic manner to ensure you get the benefits you’re seeking more effectively and quickly than someone with less time in the field.


If you and your partner are in need of premarital counseling or searching ‘counselor near me’ in Albuquerque, contact Albuquerque Never Too Late Counseling.


Coming in for premarital counseling can be the start to a happier and more fulfilling relationship with your partner and can mend some issues before they become a problem after marriage. 


Please call 505 299-8989 or contact us on our website, to learn more. We are open Monday through Friday until 6:00 p.m.

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